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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Win Vouchers For Giraffe Restaurant

If there’s one thing I’m partial to, it’s a competition. And if there’s another thing that's been known to tickle my fancy, it’s food. Now imagine, if you dare to enter such a glorious, unfettered fantasy world, a combination of the above that allows you to WIN FOOD, by ENTERING A COMPETITION. I know – amazing.

This is all courtesy of Giraffe, the jaunty restaurant chain with the pleasingly eclectic menu – as someone who likes pretty much every food on the planet, and can never quite decide what she fancies eating at any given moment, Giraffe is an excellent bet. My favourite menu items vary between the Lamb Focaccia Burger, the Hot Duck Stir Fry, the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and the Falafel Burger (well, it does of course pay to select an, erm, healthy vegetarian option from time to time *saintly face*) but I’ve bravely tried pretty much everything, and never yet come across anything I didn’t like.

They also do some very enticing offers: any burger is just £5.50 on a Tuesday after 5pm; the Feel Good Menu any day after 5pm allows the greedy diner two courses from a selection for £9.95; and, even better, Bar Buddies (Mon-Fri between 5 and 7pm; Sundays from six) forces normally very sensible and abstemious girls to drink selected beverages for half price. So, yes, I know that independent is good, and interesting, and different, but sometimes I want to go a chain I know, and can trust to serve my husband a burger of sufficient magnitude to satisfy his exacting requirements. He also likes the fact they give you an enormous crate of condiments, and often puts a different one on each separate inch of burger, just because he can, and no-one stops him (they are VERY tolerant and friendly at Giraffe).

I’m delighted, then, that Giraffe Restaurants have kindly given me not one but THREE vouchers to give away, although I am less delighted to note that once again I am exempt; I mean, what’s the point in having a competition you can’t win yourself? Anyway, first prize is a £30 voucher to spend at any Giraffe, with £20 for second place and £15 for third. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:

One of Giraffe’s Manchester restaurants is located in the Trafford Centre; one is at the Airpoirt; where is the other?

Simply email your answer to, to reach me by midnight on Saturday 9th July 2011 - the first three selected at random will receive vouchers (as long as you're not me or Mr Liz - tsk). You can find the answer to the competition question on the Giraffe website; or you could simply go there to look at pictures of their lovely food, as I sometimes do. Good luck :)

1 comment:

manchester restaurant addict said...

I love going to Giraffe, they need to bring back their fish finger burgers!! But it's always lively and fun to go eat there, great for the kids as well!