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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse at MOSI = Excitement in Boyville

Within every group of friends there is an organiser, someone who may mutter about other people getting off their backsides and doing something for once in their lives, but who actually has a great fondness for a nice list and a few important phone calls. I am that person; more often than not it is me who books the restaurant, or the hotel, or the theatre tickets - indeed, I noticed a Facebook thread between friends yesterday that referred to "checking with the boss", and am choosing to take this as a sign of reverence and respect rather than out-and-out fear of my despotic nature. Waiters in restaurants almost always give the wine list to me (except once, at The Witchery in Edinburgh, when a tremendously posh gentleman handed Mr Liz a wine list the size of a telephone directory - Mr Liz was seen to visibly pale as he pretended to browse until the man had gone away and he could safely hand it over), and somehow it is always me forced to make crucial decisions regarding the exact pilau rice to naan bread ratio required.

The huge advantage of being the organiser is that you simply organise only those events that you yourself wish to attend. Things organised by me tend to involve a combination of some or all of the following: food, cocktails, wine, books, shoes, handbags, cricket, art and - ideally - a dog with a sad face wearing a party hat. I have never, for example, organised any kind of night out that included the words "lunar" or "eclipse", let alone both of them, so you may safely assume that tomorrow night's festivities - a Lunar Eclipse special at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry - have been organised by Mr Liz.

To be fair, it does all look quite interesting, although less so now the promise of special lunar cocktails at Cloud Bar has been withdrawn. Apparently a total lunar eclipse will be visible from the UK tomorrow, and the MOSI evening arranged in its honour includes talks, demonstrations and observation (although this is apparently subject to weather conditions, which seems a little ominous for an event in Manchester.) The event is free (you see? The words "lunar", "eclipse" and "free" in close proximity clearly indicate the criteria on which a BOY night out is based) but pre-booking is essential - full details are on the MOSI website.

Tonight's night out is back at Khandoker, to bravely force down a bit more lovely curry for disadvantaged children; no prizes for guessing who is behind the helm of this particular soiree.

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