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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bop Local and North Star Deli's Supper Club Lure Lazy Local Girl into Deepest, Darkest Chorlton

The very first house I ever bought (well, I speak as if I'd owned several hundred properties, rather than the slightly less impressive total of, erm, two) was in Withington, an ex-council property that I lived in for five years and loved very much. It had a lovely big garden that hosted many late-night barbecues, and a built in fold-down table in the kitchen that my friends christened "the smoking bar"; indeed, when I came to sell up I swear the reason it sold so quickly was that I had twelve viewings, back-to-back, on an evening when a friend was indeed perched seductively upon a bar-stool, smoking fags and drinking wine, and thereby modelling the smoking bar to its full advantage.

Anyway, another benefit of the Withington house was its location - perched on the borders of West Didsbury and Chorlton it offered an enticing range of going-out options, and as a young thing in impractically high shoes I thought nothing of a weekly teeter back down Barlow Moor Road after a night out in Chorlton. Since I have moved into Didsbury, however, I must make a shocking admission: I have not been out in Chorlton. Not once.

But all that is about to change. It has admittedly taken something irresistibly special to lure me out of retirement, but I can confirm that I will spending the next TWO (count 'em) Friday nights in Didsbury's frisky urban cousin. Next Friday, 1st July, I will be throwing some attractive shapes on the dance floor at Chorlton Irish Club in honour of Bop Local's first birthday party - this month's guest DJ is legendary former Carpet and King of XFM Clint Boon, and "a few birthday party surprises for everyone, as well as some fantastic raffle prizes" are promised (I don't like surprises, but I DO enjoy a good raffle - I'm hoping to win the dusty bottle of peach schnapps.)

And then - even more excitingly, for this one involves me eating lots of food - Friday 8th July sees the launch of the North Star Delicatessen's Supper Club, a collaboration between three independent businesses and therefore to be applauded (AND, just to repeat, they're FEEDING ME *applauds even louder*). The three course dinner promises a succession of seasonal gourmet delights, with fish provided by Out of the Blue and meat from W.H. Frost & Sons - both suppliers are attending the event to answer any piscine or, erm, meatine questions we may have.

Tickets must be booked in advance through the website and cost £25 each; however, if you follow them on Twitter (which is, as previously established, the font of all knowledge) you're in with a chance of winning a free place - simply follow them @JoinUs4Supper, RT the competition tweet, and tell them why you should win (presumably "I'm very hungry AND very greedy" won't be quite enough of a reason, which is why I haven't entered.) You'll have to be quick as today is the last day of the competition; if you're a bit too slow off the mark, a reward can still be yours - anyone who books a place before July 1st will receive complimentary coffee and petits fours after supper. Still here? Go and tweet/book NOW!

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Anonymous said...

The "dj" Phil Beckett needs to go back to basics and learn his craft. Last night (30.12.11) I witnessed dj suicide. He sucked, big time; crashing Strings of Life into Vodoo Ray. (I heard both of these tunes at a previous Bop Local). Why not play some new or rare music? Luckily for him all the mums and dads were too drunk to give a s**t and his licence to print money remains un-revoked. Thoroughly unremarkable night that is totally out of date. Yawn.