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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Khandoker Charity Banquet 2011

As regular readers will know, I am by nature a most selfless and public-spirited individual. Take last night as an example; although I warn you, tissues may be needed to mop up the tears that are sure to well when you hear of my tireless giving.

For last night, I ate curry for charity. Yes, yes, I know - modesty prevents me from accepting your plaudits quite as readily as I would like, but you are absolutely right to applaud me. To be fair, we should perhaps applaud Mr Khandoker as well; every year he holds a charity banquet at his superlative Khandoker curryhouses in Didsbury and Bramhall in aid of a worthy cause - this year it's the local charity Retrak, based in Stockport.

The idea is simple. You turn up, pay £14.95, and in return Mr Khandoker (or one of his fleet of amiable staff) brings you poppadoms, a mixed starter (onion bhaji, sheek kebab, chicken tikka etc etc, and some token salad that no-one will eat), your choice of any curry, rice and naan bread. You hoover up all the delicious food, leave complaining of a full tummy, and Mr K then gives the entire £14.95 to the charity.

Whilst it does seem to be pushing it a little to call this a "5 course" banquet, this really does seem to be quite the easiest way of giving to charity. The money raised will allow 24 Greater Manchester police officers to travel out to Ethiopia and Uganda for nine days in November (in their own time) to work with street children who badly need their help; one of the officers came for a chat with us while we were troughing, and I think we all felt a little in awe of someone so willing to give up so much of their time to help others - we all tried to look earnest and worthwhile ourselves, quite a difficult task when you're basically just a greedy person with a curry.

Still, you know me - always happy to go the extra mile. And with that in mind, I have promised to go again next week - just, you know, to really do my bit *awaits medal*

The banquet is available at the Didsbury restaurant tonight, and next Monday and Tuesday (13th and 14th June) - call 0161 434 3596 to book; the Bramhall restaurant is running the banquet tonight, tomorrow, and next Tuesday and Wednesday (14th and 15th June) - 0161 439 1050. Go on - you know it's the right thing to do *noble face*

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