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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow, Parkas and Roast Dinners in South Manchester

It has to be said, South Manchester is not really prone to snow. I've lived here for seventeen years now (I was terribly, terribly young when I moved here, honestly), and I really can't remember this much much actual, proper snow falling before. So this morning's Winter Wonderland scene was rather exciting and really very pretty, until I remembered that I was meant to be going to the Lake District for a lovely sparkly Christmas lunch.

Well, one look at the cars skating down Kingsway at 5 miles an hour soon put pay to that idea. So instead, we togged ourselves up (me sporting my beloved Ghost parka, which gets worn approximately once per year - fortunate that it was 75% off, or it would never justify its existence) and trekked (yes, actual trekking required) to The Didsbury pub for Sunday lunch.

This lovely pub is the perfect winter destination, all log fires and cosy lighting, and we were fortunate to get a table as it seemed the whole of Didsbury had had the same clever idea as us. Obviously extra calories were justified, as walking through snow burns spproximately 600 times the calories of normal walking (or something like that), so I had the chicken liver parfait followed by an enormous roast dinner. The food was very good, with one gripe - one small piece of broccoli for an entire roast dinner? And 258 carrots? Soup of the day was broccoli; perhaps the chef had pinched some of my share.

Anyway, despite such vegetable issues, a fine time was had, and the walk home seemed much less slippy after a large glass of house red - I must remember that for my journey to work tomorrow.

The Didsbury is at 852 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester.

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The Didsbury said...

Thanks for kind words and yes we owe you some vegetables next time you are in!