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Monday, 14 December 2009

Bridgewater Hall Christmas Concerts 2009

If you're still feeling a bit bah humbug and are yet to get into the Christmas spirit, then look no further than the marvellous selection of cheesy concerts at the Bridgewater Hall over the next few days. It is admittedly hard to feel festive when you've entered your A2 students for a January exam that is now only a few short weeks away, but this coming Thursday will allow me to put all that aside and embrace the season, for I shall be attending the Halle Orchestra's Winter Wonderland - hurrah!

For the uninitiated, this will include the following:

1. Meet with friends at the Christmas Markets in Albert Square for warming mulled wine and sausage-based food item. Try not to get jostled to death in market scrum, and hope to goodness friend with tickets can be safely located amongst the singing reindeer and assorted gingerbread stalls.

2. Proceed to Bridgewater Hall and purchase over-priced gin and tonic.

3. Buy one programme between the four of you, in order to afford more gin at half-time.

4. Take seats and put on novelty Santa hat.

5. Immerse selves in such classics as Anderson's Sleigh Ride and Tchaikovsky's Transformation of the Christmas Tree.

6. Leave premises full of the joys of Christmas and sing appropriate festive hits in the car on the way home.

7. Wake up Friday morning ready for wrapping presents etc. and remember that you still have a full day at work.

Tickets are still available for the concert, which is on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Festivities continue into next week - check out for details.

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