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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Eve in Manchester 2009

People pretty much fall into two camps when it comes to New Year's Eve. There are those who look forward to it for months ahead, planning a glitzy outfit largely comprising heels which will result in a broken ankle or two by the end of the night, and a dress so small that you can practically see the Manchester weather rubbing its hands together in anticipation. Perhaps this will be the year to meet someone special, whilst enjoying over-priced drinks in a crowded venue that has charged you for the priviledge of just walking through the door.

And there are those like me, who will see the New Year safely in at home with a bottle of champagne, a loved one, and a pair of pyjamas with reindeer on them.

I'd assumed this was an age thing; I did after all use to fall firmly within the I'm-going-out-come-hell-or-high-water brigade until fairly recently. But it seems that this year more and more people are choosing to stay at home, at least if the flood of New Year's Eve offers still cascading into my inbox with just one day to go is anything to judge by.

If I were going out, I would probably do one of the following:

- I have quite a soft spot for All Bar One on King Street in central Manchester; yes, I know they're a chain and are prone to the odd Gareth Cheeseman making high-powered deals on his Blackberry, but you can't fault a place that sells little dishes of pistachio nuts with your drinks. AND they're not charging an entrance fee. Open from 11am to 1am (I would advise against going for some kind of bizarre 14-hour drinking trophy).

- Staying local, The Didsbury pub is also not charging an entry fee and is still taking bookings for tables for dining; otherwise, pop in for a quick drink while the party food is in the oven.

- If you really must go clubbing, the mighty Clint Boon, formerly of the Inspiral Carpets and now heard across Manchester on xfm, is dj-ing at South; and if that weren't enough, there is also a guest set from Dave Haslam, last seen falling foul of health and safety execs at the West Didsbury Christmas lights switch-on. Tickets by calling 0161 8317756.

But remember, it's perfectly OK to stay in with the hundred-weight of Thorntons you received for Christmas. Now, where are those reindeer pyjamas....

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