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Friday, 4 December 2009

Getting Festive at The Fat Loaf, Didsbury

You may recall how wet it was last night; positively chucking it down, all accompanied by the sort of gusty wind that discourages the use of your small pink Radley umbrella. So, clearly a night to walk into Didsbury for dinner - neither of us wanted to drive, so we trudged in silence, dodging the splashes from sadistic drivers aiming straight for the puddles, and thinking bitterly of all the sensible folk safely at home watching I'm a Celebrity in their pyjamas.

Luckily, our destination was The Fat Loaf, and the reception couldn't have been more welcoming. We were seated in the snug front room, next to a roaring fire - I swear you could see steam coming off our clothes - and ordered drinks which appeared almost instantly. The menu has a pleasingly festive feel to it, with mains including duck breast served with sprouts, chestnuts, bacon and cranberry sauce, and a spectacular sherry trifle for dessert (the size of your actual head, and containing orange segments and therefore good for you).

The food was faultless: generously portioned and beautifully cooked. The steak included with Mr Liz's mixed grill was the best either of us has had as part of such a dish, and the accompanying chips were properly fat, crisp and golden. Service was attentive without being scarily so, and prices are pretty reasonable for central Didsbury, particularly as they also run an early evening deal where you can snaffle two courses for £15. We arrived too late for this, although we were greedy and had three courses anyway - easily justifiable when you have to face the rain and storm to get back home again.

The Fat Loaf is at 844 - 846 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2RN, tel. 0161 438 0319 - you can eat extra if you walk.

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