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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Top 5 Manchester Pubs with Beer Gardens

Typical. After a week of unseasonably fine weather, Saturday finally arrives and the skies are grey. But I am ever the optimist, so just in case it brightens up later here are some lovely Manchester pubs with beer gardens worth a visit.

1. The Didsbury, Didsbury. OK, I know the beer garden is out the front and therefore exposes the hapless drinker to the noise and fumes of Wilmslow Road, but this is a lovely pub with great food. They also do olives as a bar snack. Case closed.

2. The Metropolitan, West Didsbury. Again, the outside drinking area is not in itself particularly beautiful (part concrete, part carpark), but there is an outside bar to save one the hassle of walking all the way inside the pub everytime you need a top-up. The Met was also one of the first pubs in the area to really go for the "heating-up-the-outside-surely-that's-bonkers" style heaters, and is therefore the traditional location to visit for drinkers wishing to brave the elements from March onwards.

3. Loaf, central Manchester. Cute outside terrace area overlooking the canal - ignore the shopping trolleys and you could really be somewhere very exotic indeed.

4. Rampant Lion, Manchester. Anyone who has been a student in Manchester will have fond memories of this traditional boozer and its legendary cheesy chips. Sadly that culinary classic is no more - the Rampant Lion has smartened up its act and has a lovely relaxed beer garden where you can enjoy your reasonably priced pint.

5. Sinclair's Oyster Bar, central Manchester. Not the ideal choice for those seeking a quiet drink - the huge outside seating area here allows you to keep an eye on the hustle and bustle of Exchange Square and has fantastic views of the Manchester Wheel.

..just don't forget to take a coat, just in case....

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