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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Brief Encounter Comes to the Lowry, Salford

If you fancy a theatrical treat later this month, get on the phone to the Lowry and book yourself tickets for the Kneehigh Theatre's version of Noel Coward's Brief Encounter (or better still, drive over and pick the tickets up yourself - you can avoid the £1.75 PER TICKET booking fee and have a look round the Whistles outlet store at the same time).

Kneehigh are innovative - in a good way - and their productions are always worth a look. I took a group of sixth formers to see this version of Brief Encounter when it was on in Leeds, and the verdict was unanimously positive - no mean feat when in the company of 30 disaffected seventeen-year-olds. They found it both funny and moving, and particularly enjoyed the clever use of film as a backdrop to the live action (and the ice-cream at half time).

You surely don't need to be told the story - young woman, choice between dreary husband and illicit affair with man met at railway tearoom, etc etc. The acting is faultless, interspersed with entertaining musical interludes that reveal the all-round abilities of the talented cast. Highly, highly recommended.

Brief Encounter is on at the Lyric Theatre (the small one - book early) at The Lowry, Salford between 24th and 28th March 2009.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any recommendations for a good Chinese restaurant in Chinatown at all?

Liz said...

Hi - it depends what you're after! The Yang Sing was always seen as the best, but standards have slipped a little lately, and it is pretty pricy. Pearl City is fun if there are a lot of you having a few drinks, and if you fancy Japanese then Teppanyaki is nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I saw Yang Sing but price put me off, will check out the other two. It's for my boyfriend's birthday so just the two of us. I found the website for the Rice Bowl which looks reasonable - ever been?
Great blog btw, have been lurking awhile! Kim :)

Liz said...

Hi - yes, the Rice Bowl is pretty good as well. Thanks for your positive comments on the blog!