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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Three Courses for £12 Offer at The Didsbury

If you're on a variable mortgage rate and in the mood to celebrate the latest interest rate, you could do worse than spend your extra cash at The Didsbury pub on Wilmslow Road. The food here has always been very good, and a number of dishes are now available on a special fixed menu Sundays to Thursdays. You can pick 2 courses for £10, or 3 courses for £12, which means you officially have to have pudding in order to make the best use of the offer, even if you don't want it and your skirt is already too tight.

Options include: prawn cocktail, grilled mushrooms, or goats cheese and beetroot fondue for the starters; steak and ale pie, gammon, or 6 oz burger for the mains; and chocolate fudge cake, treacle sponge or cheese & biscuits for the deserts - healthier options were available but I have absolutely no recollection what they might have been. Portions are generous as ever and in no way diminished under the offer - the goats cheese fondue is enormous and comes with a healthy amount of toast, and the burger and chips is now so big it is served on what appears to be a long section of kitchen worktop.

Service has improved dramatically - you no longer have to queue at the bar but are served at your table, drinks as well as food. On the subject of drinks, do watch out for your spending here - on a pretty modest school night, our drinks bill came to more than our food. All in all, a great pub - good atmosphere, great service and delicious food.

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