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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Best Curry Houses in Manchester

As I jinxed the weather last weekend with a list of pubs with beer gardens, here is a selection of restaurants offering warming curries to celebrate the arrival of British summertime!

1. Great Kathmandu, West Didsbury: legendary Nepalese curry house offering the alluring combination of the best food in the world combined with the worst service. The place is cramped; if you get the table by the door you will freeze; the staff can be surly and unhelpful. But try the chicken chilli starter and you will come back time and time again. N.B. for those not intrepid enough to play what-mood-will-the-waiters-be-in-tonight, simply go to sister restaurant Nemaste Nepal just down the road, where the service is impeccable.

2. Khandoker, East Didsbury: Mr Khandoker is a local hero, feeding pensioners for free at Christmas and raising squillions of pounds through his regular charity banquets. The restaurant has lost a little of its charm since a recent revamp of the interior left it feeling a bit lacking in atmosphere, but the curries are great - try the Shabji-style chicken.

3. Dilli, Altrincham: one for the grown-ups. Dilli is a classy place (no flock wallpaper here), and is the first Ayurvedic Indian restaurant outside of London - in other words, you can stuff your face in the knowledge that you are balancing and nourishing your body in manner that is positively saintly.

4. Tandoori Royale, Burnage: a traditional curry house of the very highest order - brightly coloured sauces, delighful staff, and no-one sneering if you ask for chips to dip in your curry.

5. Sangam, Rusholme: the general consensus locally is that Rusholme is not quite what it was. Still, Sangam remains reliable and good-value, and also offers a suburban outpost in Didsbury village, the imaginatively named Sangam 2. Very good for private parties if you have something to celebrate.

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