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Monday, 14 March 2011

Dancing Shoes at the Ready - Brendan Cole Comes to Manchester

Now, obviously my life is virtually ALL work and VERY little play (stop sniggering at the back), and after a long day of intellectual endeavour, wrestling with the deep philosophical questions that have been baffling humankind for eternity (such as, who exactly had the last chocolate digestive from the family size biscuit tin in the staffroom), I like nothing better than to come home and watch rubbish telly. Indeed, that girl in the advert who sets her Sky box to tape Next Top Model from her mobile phone could very easily be me, except that I don't have a bike. For this very reason, poor Mr Liz dreads the Christmas period, not just because it is a very expensive time for him, but because every Saturday he is forced to sit and watch Strictly Come Dancing, looking not unlike a cat being forcibly held down in its chair because its owner want to pet it (although the cat will eventually squirm away; Mr Liz has not yet become brave enough to chance an escape.)

So imagine my excitement when I received an email containing the following words: Manchester, cava, cocktails, canapes, Brendan and Cole... *watches as male readership makes its excuses and leaves* ...which, when you add them all together results in the Freixenet Dance With Brendan Cole evening at Suede nightclub on Thursday 17th March. Now this is exciting for the following reasons:

- you get to do a dance master class with Brendan Cole, the ladies' choice from Strictly, who can always be relied upon to twinkle at Alesha and fight with Craig. I don't know how close you might actually get to him, but I reckon there's always a chance he'll look into the crowd, make eye contact with me, recognise my obvious dance potential, and beckon me up to be his dance partner. I am planning to carry a watermelon with me, just on the off-chance.

- Freixenet cava is nice. In the summer, we drink it with blitzed-up strawberries and pretend it's good for us, and I note with pleasure that Freixenet Strawberry Bellinis are indeed to be served on the night, thoughtfully providing you with one, if not all, of your 5 a day.

- They promise canapes, my absolute favourite form of food; see how many you can surreptitiously pop into your mouth with no-one noticing, and then claim to have eaten only three by the end of the evening. Plus, they're so small they don't actually have any calories in them, and as you eat them standing up, you'll probably lose weight - winner.

- There will also be professional make-up artists on hand, although I must confess to being a trifle wary of this one - if the contestants on Strictly look orange on your TV screen, imagine how you might look going into work on Friday morning with a distict Ready Brek aura surrounding you; not a good look for a 9am class.

So if you want to go, get yourself to their Facebook page quick smart; this is only one in a series of VIP events Freixenet have got planned, and frankly, they're setting the benchmark pretty high. One word of warning though - don't be trying to muscle in on Brendan; nobody puts Things To Do in Manchester in the corner *scary face*

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