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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gusto Didsbury's New Home Delivery Service, Tried and Tested

The trouble with going to the gym in the evening, apart from the obvious fact that it requires some form of exertion, is that you get back too tired for assembling any kind of meal. However, the plus point of completing 45 minutes of aquacise with a smiling but deadly fuhrer is that you have surely burned off in the region of a million calories and are therefore entitled to PIZZA.

So, having received a home delivery menu from Didsbury's Gusto restaurant through my letterbox pretty much every day for the last fortnight, I finally caved and placed my order. This bit is great: I went online after work at about 5pm and placed my order to be ready at 8.30; couldn't be simpler.

There are a few catches, however. Firstly, delivery actually costs £2.50 unless your order comes to £25; no problem - I would collect. On arrival at the restaurant it is clear that they are not really set up for this option: there's nowhere to wait, and if the restaurant is busy (it was) it's almost impossible to find someone free to go and get your order. It's also pretty pricy - you only get a 10% discount from the menu for ordering online, so our order of a couple of pizzas and a few potato skins came to nigh on twenty quid.

BUT. All that pales into insignificance when the order arrives. The pizza boxes are astonishingly cool, featuring a black and white photo of some lounge-lizard Italian type, and there is a dinky hole cut out in which nestles - unasked for! - a wee pot of garlic mayonnaise for crust dipping. And it goes without saying that the pizzas are delicious, in a whole different league from the artery-busting Top Pizza.

Visit for more details.

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