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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Didsbury Arts Festival 2009

The first ever Didsbury Arts Festival starts this Saturday, promising an eclectic line-up of weird and wonderful events which the casual observer is not quite sure whether to celebrate or ridicule.

The sheer variety is impressive - more than 80 events across 40 venues during the eight days of the festival, promising exhibitions by local artists as well as musical offerings and book readings. Even better, most events are free.

The official festival opening takes place at 12 noon this Saturday 26th September at Didsbury Library, followed by a full programme of musical entertainment on the Festival Stage (thoughtfully located next to The Didsbury pub) - full details are on the festival website at

Personally, I'm liking the sound of the two blokes who call themselves The Opera Dads and perform songs from the great American songbook (well if it's good enough for Rod Stewart...), and I will also be visiting the Festival Craft Cafe on Sunday 27th at the Northern Lawn Tennis Club, lured by the promise of a shopping opportunity helpfully combined with a barbecue and cake sale.

I sadly will not find time to attend the Crochet Workshop or the excitingly titled "Vegetable Drawings" exhibition, but each to their own...

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