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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Greater Manchester Wine Festival 2009

An unmissable event for alcoholics/ wine connoiseurs looms on the horizon in the form of the Greater Manchester "Independent and Local" Wine Festival at the Urbis museum on Friday and Saturday the 2nd - 3rd October.

Part of the ever-excellent Manchester Food and Drink Festival, the weekend promises to be a celebration of local independent wine merchants, although in reality will surely consist of thousands of people hopefully holding out their glass for yet another top-up in a bid to get as drunk as possible for as little money as possible, before flinching upon being informed of the price of the bottle they have just quaffed.

As usual, one of the days for this type of event occurs when normal people are at work, so I will be there on the Saturday with everybody else (hopefully holding out glass for yet another top-up etc etc). Tickets cost £10 per day or £15 for both days if you think your liver can take it, with the doors opening at 12 noon and closing (forcibly, no doubt, to sounds of great protest) at 6.30.

Full details at the Festival website at

N.B. - if you are attending the whisky tasting at MOSI the following weekend, it might be sensible to take it easy during the week...

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