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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Harvey Nichols Extends Wine & Dine Offer

Harvey Nicks' Second Floor Brasserie has extended its Wine & Dine Offer until 7th March, meaning that there is even more chance of slinking into work late with a hangover during the next few weeks. The deal offer a welcome Bellini, a three course meal, coffee and - the real draw - unlimited wine throughout the course of the meal, all for £25.

Obviously, such an offer requires caution. Last time the offer was running - minus the Bellini - I was ultra careful during the meal, consuming modest quantities of wine in order to ensure I did not die the next day, only for the evening to backfire spectactularly when we accidentally consumed two bottles of wine in Sinclair's Oyster Bar afterwards so that my friend could get her money's worth out of the babysitter she had paid until midnight. Do not make the same mistake.

Meanwhile, my husband continues to boycott the Second Floor Restaurant because there is no steak on the menu and the portions are too small. I think it is fair to say that the menu is slightly more female-friendly, featuring a good selection of beautifully cooked fish dishes as well as a chicken and a pork option, all served in dainty portions that will not make the waistband of your skirt uncomfortably tight. This will set you back £30 for two courses, or £40 for three including coffee; if there is a hungry boy amongst your party you might be better off in the more cheerful Brasserie next door.

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