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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Felicini & Grinch Special Offers for February

The almighty scrap for your business continues, with Felicini's extending their 25% off all food offer to run throughout February. Even more excitingly, the offer now applies to city centre restaurant Grinch, which is already one of the best value places to eat in town. You need to sign up to their newsletter to qualify for the offer, and they will send you a voucher.

If signing up seems like too much hassle, then both Felicini's and Grinch offer pretty good value deals anyway - the former will let you have two Bellini for the price of one every day between 5 & 7pm (the catch being that both drinks have to be the same, as my husband discovered much to his chagrin as he miserably sipped his pink and girly drink), and the latter do any pizza for £6 and a bottle of house wine for £9.95, again between 5 & 7pm. Beware Grinch if you are simply calling in for dinner before going on to the nearby Royal Exchange; those high seats at the theatre really don't provide the necessary support for someone who has swiftly consumed a bottle of Montepulciano.

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