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Monday, 14 July 2014

New Guest Blog Post, in which a Hungry Boy is Beaten by the Splendid Sausage Waffle Menu

At the owner's own admission, The Splendid Sausage Company for its name alone gets more than its fair share of giggles. This light titter was shared by my friends when I explained that when I asked my step mother (by text on a new phone) if she wanted to be my plus one at a Splendid Sausage do, she didn't reply as, according to my father, she thought she was being propositioned for some weird "adult" gathering. Anyway, in light of her misgivings, I turned to another lady in my life and we went along to experience the new brunch menu.

Upon arrival, we were presented with options from the home grown cocktail menu, and the peanut butter based vodka cocktail was delicious. Not too nutty and went down a treat. The Lady enjoyed gin with elderflower as we waited for the splendour to arrive.

Our hotdog treats were all very different yet incredibly tasty, with the speciality of the day, "Uncle Sam", taking the prize for being most tasty and surprising. Not that "Chilli Dog" and "The King" weren't special enough, but the addition of a little spice in Uncle Sam pushed this out in front. The menu was varied enough for every taste to be catered for and the "Eggs Benedict" is a must try for those who NEED something mid - late morning, and for those who want to experiment with an alternative Sunday lunch, then for under £10, you should definitely give the "Sunday lunch" a whirl.

Then a treat. For a vodka fan, a really nice surprise. A sausage vodka. Yes, that's correct. Sausage. Vodka. Made by their own fair hands, this thrice filtered homemade beauty was a perfect end to the savoury part of the meal and well, I think you'll have try it to understand its flavour. You won't be disappointed.

Then came the waffles. Not for the faint hearted, those on diets or the lactose intolerant amongst you. Three varieties of waffles, all with different toppings and all with oodles of fresh cream and dairy. The waffles themselves were beautiful and fluffy and light, and I won't spoil the surprise of the dishes, but you might care to share if you're not overly keen on dairy. If you are, you'll be in heaven. My favourite was "Born in the USA" with its candied bacon and blueberries, but the "chocolots and lots and lots" was a very close second.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to The Splendid Sausage Company, which is run by a down to earth local couple who have spent time finding the right local supplier of their very tasty sausages (Flixton) and who have done a great job of creating a menu that caters for all. It's priced appropriately and the atmosphere and vibe felt just right. I'll be back, especially for that Sunday Roast (maybe after Eggs Benedict).

Chris & Lady M

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