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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Guest Blog Post, in which Elixir Manchester Lure Olivia into their Garden of Earthly Delights

Last Friday, Elixir on Manchester's Deansgate hosted a fun packed gathering full of VIPs and celebrities alike. When I was asked to cover this event, initially, my thoughts were sensible and responsible… “I better not, I’m getting married in 4 weeks and there’s a lot to do” and “this is the first weekend I have had some free time in ages, I better get organised” … of course, this thought process lasted for all of like 3 seconds… “I’m in, yeah why the hell not, how many sleeps?! *highlights date in diary*

I decided it was probably about time I asked my husband-to-be to something, so I asked if he’d like to come along and spend some very rare time quality time with me. His response?... a firm YES, he even used the term ‘excited’, a term which rarely passes his lips (other than if it's to do with sport). I do fear that it wasn’t the proposal of spending time with me, but the irresistible invitation to a magnificent garden-inspired party that caused this reaction.

So, along we went and boy are we glad we did…

On arrival, I stepped into the garden and adorned myself with daisy chains as we were greeted by some of the lovely staff of Elixir. We were then lucky enough to begin our night by sampling some of the cocktails in the 'Starchaser'… An awesome campervan which turned out to be extremely popular, so popular in fact that some tourists on a passing bus couldn’t resist the opportunity to get their cameras out and snap away at the shiny red mobile. And it certainly caught the eyes of passers-by on the pavement as they looked on in awe of the campervan and what we were drinking in this beauty…

Forget Me Not- a delectable concoction of Violet Liqueur, Lavender Syrup, Cranberry & Lemon accompanied by a chilled Prosecco miniature. You get a full miniature bottle of Prosecco with this for £10.50, great value for a cocktail with enough Prosecco for a second glass!

Jasmine Cascade- a fragrant potion of Bloom Gin, Green Chartreuse, Jasmine Syrup, Lemon, Apple & a Sprig of Rosemary, infused over cascading dry ice & billowing Jasmine essential oil.

And so it was time to leave the campervan and go and see what this fun packed gathering was all about. We managed to bag ourselves a booth and within minutes we were chilling out to the party vibes and were faced with even more exciting garden-themed cocktails…

Flutter Bye- Served on a mini lawn with edible butterflies and a gorgeous chocolate ladybird. Another cocktail from ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ menu, containing Stolichnaya Citrus Vodka, Elderflower & Rose Liqueur, Egg White & Apple Juice.

Rambling Bramble- Everyone loves a good bramble but this is not just any bramble, it comes with its very own mini bottle of Chambord!

Pure white Grain Spirit, Juniper & Sage Syrup, Lemon Juice & a float-your-own Chambord Miniature, finished with a Bramble Jelly Skewer.

The Bee Keeper- A refreshing combination of Gin, Apple Liqueur, Honey, Apple & Lemon Juice garnished with an Organic Royal Jelly injection.

I just love how all the cocktails on this menu are a little different and include something which make them so individual, from miniature bottles of Chambord to mini edible beasts. The new floral themed cocktail menu is exciting and unique, so, if you’re out and about this weekend, be sure to take some time to check Elixir out!

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