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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Summer is Here: Official Proof Gathered in Manchester AND Southport

I am pleased to announce that Summer 2011 is now open. What's that you say? I make this mistake EVERY year, loudly trumpeting about the arrival of summer in April, only for arctic conditions to set in again a week later? Pah - I choose not to hear you, and instead offer the following proof that it is indeed summer:

1. I have been to Southport today. It is ace, by the way, and if you haven't been you should go - as long as you don't mind the fact that the sea is approximately fifteen miles away from the main bit of beach, and are happy to count yourself fortunate to catch even the briefest glimpse of it on the horizon. I have very poor eyesight, but I did shout "I can see the sea", just to pretend and so that I didn't feel too left out.

2. For my lunch, I had a Mr Whippy, the first of the year. FOR LUNCH!

3. I no longer have any skin left between my big and second toes, a classic injury resulting from the first FitFlop wearing excursion of the season.

4. I can no longer fit any food in the fridge as my husband has filled it full of cider.

5. But as well as the cider, there is also a bottle of pink Freixenet. This is exciting because a/ it is mine, and b/ I didn't even know you could GET pink Freixenet.

6. Last night I walked into Didsbury WITHOUT A COAT, wearing cute ballet pumps WITHOUT TIGHTS. Whilst we were there, by the way, we went to the Fat Loaf and sampled the new World Beers list (bravo Fat Loaf for stocking so much Belgian goodness) and then had dinner at Loch Fyne. Further evidence of summer, if you need it, is the fact that both Fat Loaf and Loch Fyne were empty until about 8.30, because the entire rest of the world (except us) was sitting outside the Didsbury. Outside! Till 8.30!

The problem with all of this though, is that not only is it not yet the summer holidays, for me it's not even the Easter holidays for another week. So by the time I may gallivant full-time, no doubt it will be just starting to cloud over...

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