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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Brave Husband Tackles New World Beer List at Fat Loaf, Didsbury

Just when you think you really know someone, they go and surprise you. Regular readers of this blog will know that Mr Liz is a beleaguered soul, forever being forced to go out to glittering places and carouse with his gadabout wife when really he just wants to be left alone to watch Boardwalk Empire and play Call of Duty in the safety of his own home.

And yet, his commitment to this blog knows no bounds. Just this very evening I have received an email from The Fat Loaf, a convivial bar and restaurant in Didsbury that very helpfully lies within walking distance of our abode. They have always had a decent selection of drinks here, but now boast a world beers list that runs to some fifty varieties; hence the email. And Mr Liz, good dear brave Mr Liz, has suggested, no, insisted, that we go as soon as possible, all in the name of research for this very blog (which, as you know, prides itself on its factual accuracy and never EVER makes things up.)

This example of selflessness almost brings a tear to my eye. Yes, all the beers are award winning or highly rated by 'CAMRA', 'The Beer Advocate' or 'Ratebeer.Com'; yes, they have a selection of Belgian beers that comes close to rivalling our beloved Le Trappiste in Altrincham; yes, they will rustle you up a tasty pie to help soak up all that alcohol. But apart from all of this, what does Mr Liz get out of the experience?

So if you see us there tomorrow (yes, he really is that committed) then remember to come up and shake his hand; he is truly a king amongst men. Mr Liz, we salute you.

- The Fat Loaf is at 846 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury; you can show your own husband the list of beers HERE.

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