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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Silver Apples Oktoberfest vs. Lesson Planning

It's exactly the same every year. I loll about aimlessly for the six weeks of summer, dragging myself away from the deadly power-triumvirate of shoe shop, book shop and wine shop only for an occasional whinge about how rubbish the weather is. Then the minute I'm back at work, the sun comes out, and a whole raft of delicious events come along, jostling noisily for my attention.

I'll give you an example. Today was the first day of the academic year, the proverbial fresh start, turning over of new leaf, etc. I have a new notebook, two new pens, and a steely resolve not to go out or drink wine on school nights. Then I discover that cute-as-a-button West Didsbury bar Silver Apples is holding an Oktoberfest, starting tomorrow, which I have a legal and moral duty to attend. My husband already has his shoes on, ready, completely disregarding the fact that I have a four hour class to prep for on Monday, teaching people to be teachers (no sniggering at the back please.)

I have also realised that I have the following events lined up in the next couple of weeks for, you guessed it, school nights:

- Evita at The Lowry (I hear it's some kind of, ahem, intellectual Chekov-type play *secretly practises Don't Cry for me Argentina with hairbrush microphone*)

- Gourmet Night at The Mark Addy on Sept 29th (have learned lesson from last time - will take extra large handbag to stow furtive leftovers)

- Girls' night out (location as yet unknown) with jammy best friend to jealously discuss her recent trip to Italy

- Elizabeth Gaskell lecture at John Rylands Library (oh wait, actually this is probably OK for a school night)

- Cava and Cakes at In All Her Finery on October 7th (still not learned valuable lesson about drinking wine then shopping)

- Faustus at Royal Exchange (if I can get tickets, pfft)

...and no doubt many other things that I have forgotten. So if you see a strange lady at Oktoberfest this weekend, making frantic notes in a lovely new pad with a highly covetable spotty pen (students! keep off!) then you know that's probably me.

- Find Silver Apples at 200 Burton Road (on the corner of Orchard Street), West Didsbury M20 2LW, tel. 0161 4453130. The Oktoberfest is on until all the beer has run out; I promise to keep thirsty husband in check.

1 comment:

Parklover said...

Never let the good pens out of your sight. Save the crappy Corvinas fro the young 'uns.