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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tess Gerritsen at Waterstone's, Manchester

As someone who has been entrusted to introduce the youth of today to classic literature and foster a love thereof, I obviously only read classic literature myself, and would not be caught dead reading anything trashy or lowbrow.

*quickly places stray Morgansville Vampires book under nearby cushion*

So whilst it is my duty to let you all know that American crime queen Tess Gerritsen will be reading from her latest novel at Waterstone's Manchester Deansgate tonight, I clearly won't be going along, nor indeed waiting in line for my book to be signed by the mighty one.

If I were going - which, as stated, I am not - I would probably go to Grinch wine bar first to take advantage of their Happy Hour, where one (see - entirely hypothetical) can purchase any pizza for £6.50 and any cocktail for £3.95 between the hours of 5 and 7pm. That's pizza and an Amaretto Sour (just as an example) for just over a tenner.

*checks purse*

So anyway, I'll probably be reading Chekov, or Tolstoy, or Dostoevsky, or something, but if you do decide to go to Waterstone's tonight then have a good time. And if you know me, pretend you haven't seen me, right?

- Tess Gerritsen will be reading from her new novel The Killing Place tonight at 7pm at Waterstone's Manchester Deansgate; tickets £3, call 0161 837 3000 for details.

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