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Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday Night Supper Club at Love2Eat, Didsbury

So, another Monday, another Monday Night Supper Club at Love2Eat in West Didsbury. To be honest, we'd decided not to go tonight, as the menu has remained the same for the last few weeks, and although excellent value there's only so many meatballs and so much Eton Mess that one person can eat (apparently). So a sensible night in beckoned; I would write that long-overdue article, and my husband was even threatening to finally get round to sorting his sock pile.

But then the font of all knowledge, AKA Helen at Didsbury Life, posted tonight's menu, and all thoughts of a sock mating party were thrown carelessly aside. For tonight's offerings were chicken charmoula (Moroccan chicken and vegetable stew) followed by chocolate brownie and ice-cream, served with a glass of wine for £7. The charmoula was amazing, better than the legendary meatballs: daringly spicy, packed with chicken and butternut squash, and served with face-saving bread, rice and salad to mop up the fiery heat (had to order an extra glass of wine to wash away the fire - not my fault).

The chocolate brownie was also faultless - a generous slab of gorgeousness, properly crunchy on the outside and melting on the inside (like an armadillo), AND my piece was slightly bigger than my husband's. This is a truly exceptional deal - lovely food served by friendly staff in relaxed and charming surroundings; even with an additional glass of wine each the bill was less than £20 for both of us. Even once I go back to work, I feel that Mondays will never be the same again.

- Love2Eat Deli is at 190a Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1LH; tel 0161 434 7077; website Best to book ahead, or get there early before I've eaten the lot.

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pipparothman78 said...

I have also tried the monday night supper club and also find it very repetative. This is a funny little place, labels itself as a food boutique/deli yet no deli produce to speak of (try thyme out deli on nell lane for this). On several occasions I have asked about the source of food which I have ordered only to be responded to with bewilderment. Even more worryingly when I ordered a soup, some Covent garden was hastily decanted from box to bowl, eek. To sum up, I wouldn't reccomend dining at love to eat. Average food , Ill-matched music and a stagnent menu