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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What's On at The Lowry May - August 2010

It's that time of year again: the sun has shone for three days running, people are wearing shorts, and the new Lowry Theatre brochure is landing on doorsteps everywhere. This is always an exciting day, albeit a hideously expensive one, and this season's selection of productions is as tempting as ever.

I have caved to my inner craving for low-brow entertainment and booked tickets for, um, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (say it quickly and it doesn't seem so bad) in July. Obviously we don't get actual Lee Meade, who is busy being famous and having babies with impartial judges; indeed, the brochure fails to specify who exactly will be donning the famous coat. I don't care; I know ALL the words to ALL the songs and am not afraid to use them.

To redress the academic balance a little I have also booked for Northern Broadsides' version of The Canterbury Tales in May. Don't be put off of Chaucer by the fact that you were forced to do it for your English Lit A-level; The Canterbury Tales is an epic work of great magnificence, by turns funny, moralising and moving, and everything touched by Northern Broadsides is brilliant - this will be witty and exuberant and will allow you to feel smug about seeing something smart that you actually enjoyed.

Finally, I have been bullied into booking to see Dirk Benedict in Columbo - this means absolutely nothing to me, but my husband's hopeful face was too much to bear and I caved. This is on in June and I have been promised ice-cream as consolation.

Other productions include Les Miserables and Evita - visit for the full programme and start saving now.

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Chris Teacher said...

Hi Liz, love the blog a very interesting read! I work for Skiddle the UKs biggest What's On Guide, I'd love the send you some news on what we've got coming up in Manchester for Easter and Summer, my email is please get in touch!