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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Boon Army Ale Launches at Wetherspoons, Oldham

If you are below a certain age, you may not know who Clint Boon is. Shame on you. Here are four reasons (to be going on with) why the Mighty Boon is a force to be reckoned with:

1. He was in The Inspiral Carpets, obviously. I was 15 when they first troubled the charts with This Is How it Feels, and therefore at a vulnerable age - highly susceptible to an intelligent song about important issues and looking for someone else to move onto after my acrimonious split with Morrissey. I will even forgive and forget the music for the 8:15 From Manchester: it wasn't their fault that Going Live was irreplaceable.

2. He has the tea-time show on Xfm Manchester, so I can drive home listening to Delphic and New Order, serenely untroubled by Tiny Temper, Akon or The Black Eyed Peas. I do not think he would ever play anything by the cast of Glee; I trust him.

3. He DJs every week at South, in a club night so legendary that I am on the verge of coming out of my clubbing retirement in its honour.

4. The final insult to the many boys who already wish with all their heart that they were Clint Boon is the launch of...Boon Army Ale. This launches tomorrow at Wetherspoons in Oldham, and has been specially created by the Greenfield Real Ale Brewery to honour an Oldham-born celebrity - who better than Clint Boon (see evidence points 1 - 3, above). You can try the new beer from 8pm tomorrow at The Up Steps Inn, in the company of the eponymous hero himself. Clint promises the beer is not just for Oldham folk and will be making its way to other locations soon.

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