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Monday, 8 February 2010

Tandoori Royale in Putting-up-Prices Shocker!

Went to beloved local curry house Tandoori Royale on Friday as a reward for reaching the end of the week unscathed and without setting fire to any student coursework. This is a proper local curry house, despite its less than salubrious surroundings just across the Burnage border, opposite the Tesco superstore.

Don't let the location put you off; inside is a haven of traditional loveliness, with bombay mix set out for folks awaiting takeaway orders and gold elephant-inspired decor. The set meal has long been the best value deal in the known universe, but having not visited for a few months we were surprised to see the price has finally gone up, after seemingly staying the same since approximately 1992.

Still, at £14.50 a head it's still great value: poppadom and dips, followed by any starter, more or less any curry (posh things like king prawn excepted), rice or naan bread, followed by a choice of dessert or liqueur coffee. The crowning glory is the carafe of completely unwanted German sweet white wine that arrives with your meal; well might you wince after the first sip, but trust me, you'll end up drinking the lot.

- Tandoori Royale is at 684 Burnage Lane, Burnage, Manchester M19 1NA, tel. 0161 4320930.

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