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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Reasons Why Life is Unfair, Parts 1 - 3

In what I hope will only be a very occasional series, here are three reasons why events have conspired against me this week:

1. Even the most casual of glances at my post for Thursday should suggest some excitement on my part at the upcoming Silver Apples Cheese Evening. I now cannot go due to a cruelly-timed parents evening, so the cheese quiz is wide open again. The news that Silver Apples is to host a book club on the first Tuesday of every month has consoled me a little, but not enough to make up for the cheese-shaped void that now gapes mockingly at me.

2. Those who know me will be aware of an unfortunate tendency to book theatre tickets for worthy productions, and next week is no exception - we are going to see Andersen's English at The Library Theatre on Thursday. All well and good, except that this now clashes with a frankly more attractively low-brow event at The Sanctuary in Didsbury.

Thursday 4th March sees the first of their new monthly Ladies Night (yes I know, the name is terrible, but keep faith for a moment), offering a glass of fizz (notice it doesn't make any promise of quality fizz, just "fizz"....cava ahoy) and a buffet for the measly sum of £5. "Ladies" will also be able to buy cocktails at two for £7.50, and the best make-up brand in the actual world - Benefit - will also be there, offering makeovers and no doubt flogging a lot of pricy goods to women full of bargain-priced cocktails. I wish to go to this, rather than see something cultural.

3. I was also looking forward to attending the launch of Matthew Comer's new photography exhibition at Urban Outfitters last night, but a series of small but cumulative events prevented me from going (none of them my fault, this time). The new exhibition is called "Rooftops and Water Towers", and charts Mat's journey across America with shots of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. The exhibition launches to the public tonight and is likely to be well worth a look as Mat's photographs are stunning - contact him through his website at

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