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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Charity Banquet at Khandoker, East Didsbury

My accidental generosity towards Christie's continues unabated this week - on an impromptu visit to Khandoker on Kingsway in East Didsbury last night we found ourselves in the midst of one of Mr Khandoker's famous charity evenings, where people kindly and selflessly eat vast quantities of curry for charity.

Mr Khandoker is well-known locally for his involvement in both local and international charities, and his charity banquets are excellent value as well as leaving the consumer feeling smugly philanthropic. For £12.95, you get popadoms, an enormous mixed starter, any main course of your choice, rice or nan, and a mixed vegetable starter. Being Khandoker, this is all of course delicious, and every penny goes to charity. Last night and Monday was Christie Hospital; tonight and Thursday the receiving cause is the appeal for Bangladeshi flood victims. There's really no excuse for not going (unless you don't like curry, in which case there is probably something wrong anyway).

This means that what with the excellent shindig at the Pitcher & Piano a few weeks back, giving money to Christie's has been an absolute doddle. The Christie representative who was at the P & P bash was also at Khandoker last night flogging raffle tickets, and he says that the recent do was such a success that the P & P is looking to arrange another "high-end" do for Christie's in October, this time in Manchester as well as Didsbury - hurrah!

You can book for the Khandoker charity banquet today or tomorrow by calling 0161 4343596.

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