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Friday, 21 August 2009

As Drunk as you like at Harvey Nichols for £25...

Harvey Nicks in Manchester has sensibly extended their "Twenty Five" offer, which now runs until September 5th. This allows a three course Brasserie meal, accompanied by unlimited house wine for the miserly sum of £25, and when they say "unlimited", it really is - as soon as even a mouthful is gone from your glass someone will glide up to your table and top it up immediately.

There are a couple of catches, though. They insist on you booking specifically for the offer, despite the fact that last Tuesday there were just three other tables occupied and the Brasserie had all the atmospshere of a quiet and well-behaved sock. Also, your three courses must be chosen from a very limited selection, and although the food is nice it isn't really anything special. I had some smoked duck for starter which was tasty but insubstantial (luckily I had snaffled some pistachio nuts at All Bar One beforehand), roast chicken leg with couscous for main, and a very good chocolate tart for dessert - puddings were unquestionably the highlight of the meal.

So lets face it, the attraction here is the wine and overall the offer does offer the chance to eat somewhere pretty nice pretty cheaply. Amusing though that the deal is trumpeted as the "famous" Twenty Five, pretending completely that it didn't used to be called Twenty One and be four pounds cheaper...

You can book for the famous Twenty Five on 0161 8288898.

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