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Thursday, 16 April 2009

So What's the Best Chinese Takeaway in South Manchester?

People are known to be fiercely loyal to their own local takeaways; these are my favourite Chinese takeaways, feel free to add your own...

1. Lotus, Burton Road, Withington

Pros: very generous portions; free prawn crackers if you spend over £15; dishes that you can convince yourself are quite healthy (king prawn with ginger and spring onion, for example); best chips in the whole of Manchester (try to resist scoffing the lot in the car on the way home); location - you can nestle snugly in The Metropolitan with a glass of Merlot and ring from there.

Cons: very generous portions (tummy ache and tight skirts can be a result of this); suspiciously quick preparation times make you worry how much of it is fresh.

2. D & F Kitchen, Queensway, East Didsbury

Pros: very generous portions; free prawn crackers seemingly just for turning up; the ability to add further unnecessary calories to your meal by having your meat or fish encased in batter - "Hong Kong" or "fat girl" style.

Cons: NOTHING remotely healthy on the menu; nauseating cartoon of dancing boy and girl on the menu that put me off ordering from there for a long time.

3. Jade Garden,Wilmslow Road, Didsbury

Pros: food is yum

Cons: parking difficult in Didsbury Village; you may as well eat in as there is little financial incentive in having takeaway - book a table instead and have one of the banquets.

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