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Friday, 17 April 2009

Little Shop of Horrors Comes to Manchester Opera House

Yes, it's time to throw good taste to the wind and sing along with a man-eating plant - Little Shop of Horrors arrives at The Opera House in Manchester from Monday 27th April until Saturday 2nd May.

Those old enough to remember the original film with Rick Moranis and Steve Martin may perhaps shed a tear at the casting for this new performance, starring as it does Clare Buckfield, possibly the most annoying girl in the world (and, as she presumably plays Audrey, little hope that she will be eaten by Audrey II early in the performance), and Alex Ferns, best known for being the evil Trevor in Eastenders. As his role here calls for him to be a complete geek rather than a madman, we must hope he is adaptable as an actor.

Also starring will be Sylvester McCoy (worst Doctor Who ever? No, but only because of the existence of Colin Baker) and - things are looking up a bit - Mike McShane, legendary American comedian best known for doing unspeakable things to Tony Slattery on Whose Line is it Anyway in the nineties.

Anyway, casting issues aside, this should be worth a look - further details and tickets from

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