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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Manchester goes 3D

Anyone who remembers Jaws 3-D from 1983 may perhaps unwittingly flinch at the thought of ever watching another 3-D film, peering through cardboard glasses as yet another rubber shark lunges from the screen.

Things have moved on since then, however: last year's Superman Returns played at the Manchester IMAX with some sections in 3-D, and proved that technology could now produce some genuinely exciting effects.

This winter's action film, Beowulf, goes one better. This film is currently doing the rounds in full 3-D, and just as well - the special effects will distract you from the frankly ridiculous plot, which bears little relation to the Old English poem I was dragged through at university. The action lends itself well to the 3-D format, and produces some incredibly grisly moments - victim's blood pouring down onto you from a chandelier, anyone?

The experience is an enjoyable one overall, particularly for anyone who finds the thought of a skimpily-clad giant-size 3-D Angelina Jolie enticing. Others may enjoy Ray Winstone's fight against the monster Grendel, which is inexplicably performed naked and therefore prompts many strategically places objects that will remind you of Bart's naked skate-boarding in The Simpsons Movie.

If this all sounds too much for you, selected Cineworld cinemas in the Manchester region are showing Tim Burton's classic Nightmare Before Christmas in full 3-D this week - see their website for full details.

Beowulf - 3D is showing now in selected cinemas including Cineworld East Didsbury and IMAX Manchester Printworks.

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