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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Manchester Christmas Markets

There's still time to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Christmas Market, which runs until Thursday 20th December. The main site is the European market located in Albert Square, presided over by the Town Hall's new Father Christmas. Here you can pick up a range of unusual gifts, ranging from hand-made jewellery and clocks to vintage local prints, thereby avoiding that embarrassing Christmas Day moment when you realise that you have all bought each other the same old things! There is also a wide variety of edible goods such as dried meats, salamis, chocolates and gingerbread houses.

If the chill Manchester weather is starting to bite, take this perfect excuse to warm your hands around a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate with brandy and whipped cream. You may also wish to take the sausage challenge - can you eat an enormous Bratwurst on the move without trailing mustard and ketchup down yourself? If not, take a moment to restore your dignity by visiting the Beer Tent and watching the giant talking reindeer (honestly!) for a few minutes.

Opening Times:

15th November to 20th December

Albert Square 10am to 9pm

St Ann's Square 10am to 8pm

15th November to 18th December

Exchange Street 10am to 8pm

New Cathedral Street 10am to 8pm

Brazennose Street 10am to 7pm

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