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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Comes to Manchester...and Reserve by The Liquorists Arrives on King Street

So. Just because I'm a teacher, doesn't mean I don't have a passing interest in fashion. True, I spend most of each day in the company of those for whom a crop top, a day-glo legging and an Ugg boot is not only sartorially desirable but compulsory; true, I am partial to a cardigan and a ballet pump, and indeed essentially wear the same fleet of small dresses all year round but simply adapt them for winter with the addition of some tights and a nice chunky rib knit; true, I am nearing the age of ninety five now anyway, and will soon be too old for anything other than a bed jacket and matching socks. But I am still pretty excited that next Thursday 10th October sees the first time that the annual Vogue Fashion's Night Out has dared to pack its bags and move North for the evening - a night that essentially sees all my favourite shops not only open late for bonus shopping opportunities, but also with added sparkle, and booze, and glamour, and things on sticks. There's stuff going on all over the city, but I've got my eye on Spinningfields, where I plan to do each and every one of the following:

- drink champagne at Mulberry whilst having an Essie manicure
- drink Aperol at Emporio Armani whilst hob-nobbing with Vogue Fashion Editor Francesca Burns
- dash over to Flannels for further hob-nobbing, this time with Matthew Williamson, who will be waiting there to guide me through his Autumn-Winter collection (hope there's cardies)
- drink more champagne, this time at Nicky Clarke, whilst having an intelligent discussion with the man himself regarding the benefits or otherwise of Argan oil
- and all of this secure in the knowledge that the fashionable whippet waifs prowling the stores will have absolutely no interest whatsoever in any of the food, thereby allowing me to make off with every passing tray of canap├ęs.

Finally, as if next Thursday wasn't exciting enough, it also sees the opening of Reserve by The Liquorists, a new shop-cum-bar popping up on King Street for the next three months - during which time they will take most of my money and all of my soul. Their event for Vogue Fashion's Night, sponsored by Grand Marnier, starts at 6pm - and luckily, as I'll no doubt be in a nice ballet pump, I might just have time to nip there between hob-nobbing...

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