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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Last Day of the Aperol Spritz Social at Spinningfields - and some Lucky Winners

So, I thought an Aperol Spritz competition would be popular. Manchester is by and large a thirsty sort of city, with excellent taste, and has welcomed this bitter-sweet Italian aperitif to its heart and its drinks cabinet with equal enthusiasm. I wasn't expecting the hundred of entries that I actually got though, from places as far flung as Cornwall (also a thirsty lot, apparently), so we must all smile gracefully for the cameras and say jolly well done to the winners Jenny and Rebecca, who I'm pleased to say are both local girls as well.

If you didn't win, then dry your tears and go to Spinningfields immediately, where you will find a whole TENT full of Aperol - it's the final day of Spinningfields residency for the Aperol Spritz Social pop-up bar, and the weather really couldn't be better for a day sitting outside, drinking spritzes and watching Andy Murray get thumped at tennis by that other one on the big screen.

A couple of words of warning. 1. Yes, the Aperol photo booth is fun, but none of the 157 photos I insisted on having taken there last week were even remotely flattering, and 2. Aperol Spritzes are far, far more alcoholic than they seem. So if you see this lovely lady bearing down upon you at any point during the course of the day, do try not to mug her for her tray...

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