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Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Lady Boys of Bangkok: The Glamorous Amorous Pavilion Sets up at Old Trafford, Manchester

Much to Mr Liz's eternal chagrin, he has found it exceptionally difficult over the years to get me to pass through what he considers to be the hallowed gates of Old Trafford football ground. To this day, I have been but twice - the first visit being a Sport Relief outing and the second a trip to admire some Brazilian skills during the 2012 Olympics; indeed, whilst Mr Liz stands there burbling about theatres of dreams etc etc, I am more likely to be seen high-tailing it down the road to the nearby cricket ground, or the shops and restaurants at The Lowry Centre.

He cannot perhaps be blamed, then, for demonstrating some suspicion at my sudden enthusiasm for hopping onto a tram in the next few weeks and making my way not to Damson Media City (where I would normally prefer to be going) but to Old Trafford itself. Nor do I plan to get beyond the carpark, for that is where the shimmering beauties who make up The Lady Boys of Bangkok will be pitching their marquee of delights between June 21st and July 6th for the Manchester leg of their Glamorous Amorous show. Don't be thinking this is just any old tent though - The Sabai Pavilion is a fully carpeted palace which seats nearly 400 people, with a licensed bar and a Thai restaurant in the foyer, where I fully envision myself perched at a table in the cabaret room whilst sipping on something sparkly.

The show itself looks to be frankly beyond words, promising a set list that ranges from J Lo to Whitney, via Cheryl Cole, Saturday Night Fever and - um - Gangnam Style. I've not been to see a Lady Boys show before, but general consensus amongst friends who have is that you should simply go with it - they are funny, and talented, and professional, and beautiful (sickeningly so, by all accounts - I may have to dig out a bit of make up and a sequin or two if I'm not to be hopelessly outclassed). I'm going in a couple of weeks, so expect a full report then.

And Mr Liz? He isn't coming along. I thought I might find him an uncomfortable outdoor seat with minimal leg room and leave him sitting there, in the rain, clutching an overpriced pint in a plastic glass just to really recreate the Old Trafford experience - meanwhile I'll be taking up my place at my cabaret table and ordering that first bottle of fizz in the Sabai Pavilion...

- Full details of The Lady Boys of Bangkok's Glamorous Amorous show can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic! I must go. And will most definitely feel insignificant next to these beauties!