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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Cake and Bake Show comes to Manchester: Local Girl Starts Working on her Buns

I think we all understand the benefit of a healthy, balanced diet. Our bodies are temples, and deserve nothing less than to be given a range of the right nutrients, those essential building blocks that help us operate at peak levels of fitness and efficiency at all times. That's why I'm careful to keep an eye on what I eat, and am never less than vigilant when incorporating at least one item from each food group every single day: Prosecco, crisps, cheese and cake.

So it is with great delight (and not a little greedy anticipation) that I note that Manchester is soon to welcome the Cake & Bake Show, the UK's biggest experiential baking event, and one previously reserved for cake-loving London folk only. As someone who has to put life on hold once a year in order to pay full attention to The Great British Bake Off, not only admiring the skills on show in the marquee but also providing a live Twitter commentary on the state of the contestants' buns, this is exciting for me: ALL of the 2012 bakers will be there (including lovely local winner John Whaite, who I reckon would probably be a good friend of mine and rustle up baked goods on my behalf, if only he knew me) as well as Paul Hollywood. Other top names appearing at the show include local boys Simon Rimmer and Andrew Nutter, as well as Eric Lanlard (attractive AND good with pastry) and Dan Lepard - one of the judges on the Australian Bake Off show and therefore hopefully to be tempted into a spot of arm-wrestling with Mr Hollywood in order to settle once and for all who rules at the noble art of baking. A full listing of events can be found here - the show runs from Friday 5th April to Sunday 7th at Manchester Central (just THINK how much cake can be accommodated at this venue), and adult tickets cost £14.50 in advance or £18 on the day (concessions are available).

Anyway, I'm off to practise my Victoria Sponge - I'm sure I won't be the only one trying to impress Lord Hollywood with a slice of something in a Tupperware box...

***disclaimer***I do have to confess that Airy Fairy Cupcakes made this cake, not me - although I reckon I COULD have done it, if only I possessed any actual baking skills.

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