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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Competition Time - Win a Manchester Spa Day with I Need Pampering: Local Girl Gets to Play Noel

Toss your hat in the air and shout "huzzah!", for 'tis competition time again - and it's a good one. And, truth be told, I'm particularly excited about this one as it has a whiff of Noel's Christmas Presents about it - I'm already picturing myself all twinkly-eyed, sporting an unpleasantly-patterned sweater and a sinister little beard, benevolently bestowing goodies upon the deserving people of this world.

For this is a competition which invites you to nominate someone deserving of a treat, some pampering, some spoiling - perhaps your mum, or a work colleague, or a friend, or even your favourite blogger, who toils tirelessly and selflessly on your behalf, round the clock (oh no, wait - I'm Noel, aren't I - scrap that last bit).

So here's how it works. Manchester based gift experience company, I Need Pampering, have launched a competition for our readers here at Things to do in Manchester, giving away a fantastic spa day experience from a selection of their Manchester spa days gifts. The winner may spend up to £100 on a spa day of their choice - I Need Pampering have loads of different experience days and gifts in and around Manchester, as you can see via the attached link.

I would like to know who deserves a fantastic day out in a luxury spa, who has done something amazing this year regardless of how large or small? Is there someone in your life who has shown an incredible amount of kindness this year? Someone who has suffered this year and is deserving of a fabulous day out? Or, ahem, just someone who will make your life a misery if you don't nominate them?

You need to send me your nominations to the normal email address (, making it clear who this person is and why they deserve to win. At the end of October I will choose a winner, who will win a complimentary spa day with spa treatments included to be used at any time over the next 12 months. My decision is final, and may well be based on who makes me cry the most into my reindeer-patterned sweater (note - I will NOT then provide an "additional" surprise in the studio in the form of a pile of toys, car, do up your kitchen whilst you're out etc etc). I can however promise you infinite amounts of good karma if you're the person who nomintes the eventual winner (or they'll owe you a bottle of wine, at least).

So thanks again to I Need Pampering for this lovely prize - now go get nominating! *hankies at the ready*

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