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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Win an EcoNav as Nissan LEAF Comes to Manchester

Now, I'll be quite honest up front: I do not know a huge amount about cars. My husband despairs of my lack of car-prowess, and criticises me soundly for the following weaknesses:

- I often choose a car based on its looks, meaning that I have historically favoured fancy French fillies which tend to go wrong quite quickly, although always while looking terribly stylish

- I consider that colour DOES matter, as do crucial mechanical factors such as number of cup-holders and size of boot (never accept ANYTHING which cannot accommodate a substantial row of large yellow Selfridges bags)

- I always name my car, and refer to it repeatedly by that moniker whilst expecting others to do likewise.

And yet, even someone as ignorant as my good self has noticed that petrol seems to cost roughly the same amount as gold, or caviar, or Jimmy Choos these days, and as I do a 45 mile round trip to work everyday it is starting to look as if it might simply be cheaper to remain at home, especially with the added advantage of the cricket season now being underway. With this in mind, I am planning to have a sniff around the Nissan LEAF exhibition when it comes to Manchester next week, and perhaps have a test drive while I'm there (I haven't yet broken the news to my current, incessantly-hungry petrol-guzzling car, so please don't say anything.) The Nissan LEAF was voted 2011 World Car of the Year, and has been acknowledged as the first mass-produced, 100% electric family car in the country; it also has no gear-box, thus leaving the driver with an additional hand free for applying lipstick, holding a cup of tea etc etc (I'm only joking, obviously *responsible face*)

The exhibition (part of a European City Tour) is on at Manchester Central Convention between Monday 9th and Saturday 14th May, and you can book your own 30 minute test drive by visiting their Facebook page ( and signing up. Greater Manchester is investing in electric vehicle charging points and aims to have 300 by this October, hence the choice of city for this leg of the tour; it certainly seems worth a look.

To celebrate the City Tour, Nissan have kindly donated a Vexia Econav 380, a Sat Nav that promises fuel efficient driving and seems particularly suitable for girls who find themselves constantly going the long-way-round due to poor navigational skills, or for manly types who wish to impress with their road knowledge whilst claiming to passing ladies that they care deeply about the environment. The Econav retails for £149.99, but you're in with a chance of winning one by answering the following question *puts on wise, knowledgeable-about-cars face*:

- How much road tax is payable on the Nissan Leaf per annum?

Just email your answer to by midnight on Saturday 14th May, when a winner will be picked at random; if you're stuck for the answer then take a look at the Nissan homepage for more details. Best of luck :)

1 comment:

Laura said...

Definitely entering - just smashed my much used and needed sat nav!