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Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Farmers' Market for West Didsbury

Last night, in a fit of intellectual fervour, I watched a highbrow, arty film entitled "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (look, it WAS Friday night) and came to the conclusion that my own shopping habits are entirely under control. In fact, I started to wonder if I am not a little too virtuous, and should perhaps try to spend more money in the noble pursuit of rampant consumerism.

To that end, I am delighted to note that West Didsbury has been added to the list of locations hosting a monthly Manchester Street Market, thereby providing an excellent opportunity to purchase fresh, wholesome goods from cheery-faced independent retailers. Of course, what this actually means in practice is that I shall continue to do my weekly shop at evil food giant Sainsbury's, AND flirt with boxes from both Riverford and Abel and Cole, AND then shop at the Food Market as well, doubling my comestibles expenditure but having a fridge full of unnecessary but very lovely items as consolation. And this matters not a jot, for I have seen the Shopaholic film, and know that I am all that is good and restrained in this world.

The West Didsbury Market will take place on the last Saturday of every month on Nell Lane, in front of the Withington Community Hospital, and promises to sell the same enticing mix of foods and crafts as the existing fleet of Street Markets. The full line-up now allows lucky South Manchester-ites to trough virtually round the clock, and is as follows:
Northenden 1st Saturday Palatine Road, M22 4DH
Withington 2nd Saturday Copson Street, M20 3BG
Chorlton 3rd Saturday Manchester Road, M21 9PN
Levenshulme 4th Friday Stockport Road, M19 3AD
West Didsbury 4th Saturday Nell Lane, M20 2RL

If you're out and about in central Manchester, don't forget the original Manchester Markets' Real Food Market, which takes place in Piccadilly Gardens on the second and fourth Fridays and Saturdays of every month. A word of warning though - plan your shopping visit very carefully. I once left a bag of exceedingly stinky cheese in the changing rooms at TopShop after a visit to the market; just try handling the embarrassment of having to go back and explain that, yes, the bag that smells of feet does belong to you...

More details about Manchester's Markets can be found on the website (any panicky, disorganised men should go there immediately and take note of the Valentine's Market taking place today), and for all the latest on the new West Didsbury Market - which begins next month - check out the wise folk at Didsbury Life.

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