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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Poetry Reading with Mike Garry (free wine! free wine!)

Those of you who know me - or sensibly just follow me from a safe distance via Twitter - will be aware that for the last two weeks I have been a horrid whinge-faced mard-arse; no, really, you're kind to say otherwise, but I fear 'tis true. Every summer I agree to mark 200 hundred A-level scripts, and every summer I sob through bitter tears that I will never, ever do it again. Of course, then the money appears in your bank account and the pain magically goes away; a little like childbirth, I imagine, only with a more flexible pay-off.

Anyway, I've finished the marking, quite unfeasibly a day ahead of schedule, and am back in the land of the living. However, in typical English-teacher fashion, I will be celebrating this evening not by lying on the floor while someone pours a bottle of wine into my mouth (although, God willing, this COULD still happen), but by attending a lovely poetry reading as part of the Oxfam Bookfest.

Manchester poet Mike Garry will be reading from the recently published "God is a Manc" at the Didsbury branch tonight from 7pm; I've not heard him read before but Helen from Didsbury Life says he's great, and I believe pretty much everything she says. The are no other reasons for me going, other than his excellent reputation and the joy of an evening filled with poetry. None whatsoever. Quite why he tweeted me saying there was free wine is, frankly, anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

Mike Garry is great - heard him read at prohibition last year - good writer and knows how to read his stuff well.

Anonymous said...

oh sorry ive missed this!

im not sure where else on this page i can contact you but i wanted to recommend a cracking play. The 24:7 theatre festival of new writing is on next week and having seen one of the plays, 'The Inconsistent Whisper of Insanity' in Liverpool at the weekend i can promise good things - original, energetic, leaving you thinking long after you've left the theatre. It's on all next week, i've even checked out the blog at which is quite funny

It's really intriguing piece as it has a disjointed narrative so the story is told in the wrong order and more is revealed as you go along, representing the womans disjointed memories. You can gather i enjoyed it!