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Thursday, 20 May 2010

West Didsbury Beer Festival at The Albert Club, May 2010

Men across Manchester are looking anxiously at clocks and watches, tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep, and occasionally muttering "Is it time yet? It MUST be time...please?" For Friday May 21st - yes, tomorrow, the wait is almost over - sees the start of the inaugural West Didsbury Beer Festival: three glorious days of sun, beer and barbecues.

[short interlude while blogger places damp cloth on husband's feverish brow and steadies pulse]

The Albert Club on Old Lansdowne Road in West Didsbury is likely to make the perfect venue if the weather forecast is to be believed; already I am seeing myself wafting delicately across the bowling green in a floaty summer dress, Pimms in hand (I don't really do beer - see how magnanimous I am in allowing my husband to attend), exchanging witty bon mots and general pleasantries with like-minded people. Of course, what will actually happen is that I will sit on the grass, complaining intermittently about insects, grass stains, and blades of greenery prickling the backs of my legs and making those attractive criss-cross indentations; then I will go pink in the sun; then I will drink too much and have to go home to bed.

And yet I must strive to avert the inevitable course of events, for starting at 9pm on the Saturday evening is the Pressure Drop disco, promising pure class from the 80s and 90s, just asking for you to throw caution to the wind and dance enthusiastically around your handbag. So if you're at the Beer Festival early on Saturday evening and you notice a pink woman with a grass-stained dress slumbering peacefully in a corner, please shake her and shout "DISCO" - she'll be eternally grateful.

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