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Monday, 2 November 2009

Bonfire Night at Platt Fields Park 2009

Get ready to wrap up warm and coo "ooooh! aaaah! wooooooh...." at regular intervals; yes, Bonfire Night is almost with us once again. As ever, the biggest and best local free event will be at Platt Fields Park on the border of Fallowfield and Rusholme, and the event this year will be held actually on November 5th (a Thursday, but never mind - Thursday is the new Friday, after all). Here is a suggested itinerary for the night:

4.30 Leave work early, to prepare for exciting night ahead - purchase of sparklers, application of coat and scarf layers, etc.
5.00 Funfair opens at Platt Fields - buy some candy floss, consume a sausage of dubious provenance, and ride on various death-traps until feeling slightly sick.
6.30 Leave the park, cross the road, and visit Hardys Well for a warming brandy and ginger and a handy toilet trip (a friend of mine was once reduced to weeing behind a tree in the park - don't let this be you).
7.15 Return to park and wave sparklers wildly, in an attempt to write out your name in the air.
7.30 Firework display starts - oooh, aaaah etc.
8.00 Watch the lighting of the bonfire.
8.15 Return to pub, or make short foray into nearby Rusholme for curry.

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