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Saturday, 31 October 2009

White Wedding at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

If, like me, you're reaching the age where all your friends are getting married, you may not relish the thought of going to a wedding-themed club night on one of the few weekends you've not been roped into attending some distant relative's nuptials.

The organisers of next weekend's White Wedding will be hoping otherwise, and have assembled all the classic elements of a cheesy wedding do to produce a night subtitled "The Best Wedding You've Never Been To". And to be fair, it sounds pretty good. The big draw is an appearance from 90s dance kings Utah Saints, who will be offering a special "wedding set", as well as some suitably naff tunes from DJ Otis Wedding - think Madonna, The Jackson Five, and your Uncle Bob throwing some embarrassing shapes on the dance floor.

There will also be free wedding buffet (I'm hoping for sausage rolls and a cheese and pineapple hedgehog) as well as a wedding cake that will be shared out among all the guests (I want mine wrapped in a serviette please). Dress code is obviously wedding themed; presumably how far you want to take this is up to you, but expect to see more than a few brides making the most of their special day.

The idea behind the night is to raise awareness for a Smirnoff initiative that rewards creative types who can come up with an interesting idea for a club night - White Wedding is a previous winner of the £5000 Creative Grant, four of which are available this year. For full details visit the Smirnoff Facebook page; whilst there, you can also pick up tickets for White Wedding.

White Wedding is at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester on Saturday 7th November 2009 between 9pm and 3am; tickets are £6 each. Go and dig out those gladrags now.

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