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Monday, 13 July 2009

Cocktails for The Christie at the Pitcher & Piano

Well, obviously I'm not normally one to quaff cocktails and consume vast quantities of horrifically calorific party food, but when it's for charity then it's another matter entirely.

The Pitcher & Piano in Didsbury is putting on a cherridee do this coming Friday 17th July, and a very good one it looks too. The entire £20 cost of your ticket will go straight to the marvellous Christie Hospital, leaving you with a warm glow inside and an entirely valid reason for a night out.

The cost of the ticket includes a welcome cocktail on arrival (as Pimms seems to be involved somewhere along the line and is displayed prominently on the advertising posters, then this might be a hint as to the contents of said cocktail) as well as three more drinks from the bar (which at P & P prices, lets face it, almost covers the cost of the ticket) and canapes, which the helpful barmaid assured me would be "substantial".

There will also be music provided by Scott Wright (he of Corrie and the very yellow hair) - promising reworkings of "classic" songs such as Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time (ensure you have had your three drinks by this point).

I will be there; get your tickets by calling into the P & P or by calling 0161 4489326.

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