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Monday, 5 January 2009

January Offers at Manchester Bars & Restaurants

Whilst it is very sad - not to mention quite sordid - to see folk rummaging around in skips to salvage the last of the Woolworths fixtures and fittings, it cannot be denied that there are some good deals around at the moment for those who wish to spend some money. Considering it my civic duty to keep the economy afloat by investing in goods and services, I shall be taking advantage of some of the following rather splendid offers:

  • The Pitcher & Piano (branches in Manchester and Didsbury) is doing two main meals, sandwiches or salads for the price of one. The deal is on all day, every day until further notice, although some dishes such as the sharing platters are excluded. Whilst the food here is not exactly haute cuisine, they do serve till 10pm and the food is very useful for mopping up some of the alcohol deals they are offering - half price wine sale throughout January, or four bottles of Peroni beer for £10.
  • If you fancy something more upmarket, Room restaurant on King Street, central Manchester, is offering 50% off all food until 12th February. You need to order before 7.30pm, and the offer isn't available on Saturdays. Discount cards need to be ordered via the restaurant website, but the card is valid throughout the sale period for parties of up to eight people. Full details at

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